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GRADUATE THESIS - Bridging: from Hong Kong’s Past Emerges its Architectural Future

In a place that is rapidly disposing of its past, even the most architecturally insignificant artifacts and buildings may provide a cultural bridge from the past to new frontiers and an optimism for the future.


Architecture is the evidence of our existence. Under complex political and economic pressure, rapid expansion has transformed cities into emulated places that lack self-identity. Hong Kong’s few remaining historic British buildings, along with their context, represent a culturally significant element of Hong Kong’s past and a potential foundation for an emergent architecture for the future.


A bridge is a mediator between elements separated by obstacle. As a concept, bridging provides a series of notions for connecting disparate elements, one with another, past with present, old with new. The architecture of this project utilizes the notions of bridging to connect elements of site, program, form, space, and time.


The Old Stanley Police Station is the oldest remaining police building in Hong Kong. The University of Hong Kong is the earliest established school in Hong Kong started by the British government. This project seeks to place a HKU satellite law school onto the site of the Old Stanley Police Station, and place university associated housing on an adjacent vacant site.

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