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Pasadena Multi-family Housing Project

Locating between the metro station and the Old Town Pasadena, our site, conceptually, can be seen as the transitional path that links up the community. In this transitional path, i hope, other than offering housing, i can provide an actual function to my project. The first concepts that came into my mind are purifying people and separating the residence from the outside world. In this kind of busy area, people will often come back with a tired body. I hope by the time they go back home, they can purify themselves and forget the busy works outside. In Chinese history, courtyards were used as a way to purify our minds; and it can be hardly denied that most of the potential clients will be asian or even Chinese. Therefore, i came up with an idea of green wall. In the green wall, people can walk through and purify themselves, and more importantly, it conceptually separates them from the temporal world. With these initial ideas, i began to look for more Chinese symbolic designs, and then i found a special tool, Feng - Shui. It as an interesting tool that Chinese used to design spaces since thousands of years ago. Basically, by special arrangement, or setting, the residents can protect themselves from any evil spirit and perhaps bring fortune and prosperity in. I take this idea to my design because i think being able to live outside the temporal world and having a home that brings fortune in is a dream of everyone, not just chines, but everyone

from CPP arc 505

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