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Joshua Tree National Park is a place of sublime natural beauty. The extreme climate of the Sonoran and Mojave Desert area is formidable and uncompromising, The studio project was to design a visitor center for the Joshua Tree National Park, a facility that accommodates 224 high school student on multi-day science education trips with lecture hall, dinning hall, classrooms and ancillary facilities. A Joshua Tree National Park Visitor center would enhance the students' overall learning experience and serve the unmet current and future capacity of park and community partners who focus on environmental education. A distinct location allows students to have more freedom to explore with a high degree of safety and security, A campus environment helps build a strong sense of ownership and personal responsibility to be diverted to the students. This campus also allows instructors to educationally reinforce student throughout their stay, without the distractions that exist in other developed areas.

from CPP arc 503 

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